by I, Valiance



Track List:
Dimensional; Separation
Evolutionist Structured
Sacrificial Birth
Rebirth; Void


released March 5, 2012



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I, Valiance Melbourne, Australia

We aren't going to give you some bullshit biography stating what we do and how good we are at it, we let our art speak for itself.
We are I, Valiance. We express ourselves freely and without boundaries. So in simpler terms, we like to keep things real.
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Track Name: Dimensional; Separation
Dimensional inter collision; Separation of the vary worlds.
Singular unending mass to bear creation of gods manifestations.
Dimensional Seclusion of god's existence from evolutionary creations, Envsionable upon his secluded throne.
Track Name: Evolutionist Structured
Origins of god's first manifested creation, Born uni-sexed into an empty blackness.
Prometheus, Condemned Forth, To structure evolutionary cycles.
Born of immortality, Born of Creationism, Born of Evolution, Born of Existence.
Prophesied into The Scriptures of existence, A Schematic of life's system.
Mend this Existence, Habitable for Reality.
Transcending Cells, Forming of Worlds.
Transcending Cells, Forming of Life.
"I, Demigod Bear the mark of Creation, of Existence. To Evolve cycles upon this Dimension"
"I, Declare Above Higher Powers, To Create, To Re-Create, Lifeforms Defined By The Scriptures of Existence, Life Shall Thrive"
Transcended Cells, Formation of Worlds.
Transcended Cells, Formation of Life.
Evolutionist Structured; Distorted Forms Of Rock, Planetary Surface Redefined, Dimensional Host Of Life.
Terra-formation of Planets, Origins of Evolution Set Forth.
Synergies of Life and Planets, Creation Optimized.
Track Name: Sacraficial Birth
Set Astray, A Neglected, Abstract Design.
The Scriptures, Reformed to Personal Vision.
"I Deem Existence To be mine"
"Creations of Imperfect Design"
Creations of Substance, Synergies of Heat and Cold,
Of External Alignment, Evolves Planet Earth's Terra formation.
Prometheus, Destruction of Thy Immortal soul,
Destruction of Thy Physical Form, Sacrificial life For Birth of mankind.
Descend to physical form, Implosion of itself, Origins of Mammals Unknown.
Synthetically Born To creation, Bastard forms of ungodly descent.
Embryos of life, Born Separated, Reconnection to duplicate.
Evolutionists life, Impurest Form.
Evolutionists life, Impurest Form.
Track Name: Rebirth; Void
Interference unto Imperfections Creation, Denied from God.
Living Lifeforms Extinction, God wont exceed.
Creation Shall Thrive, Life Won't Devolve To Deformation.
Separation of Multiple Worlds, Transcendence Surpass Dimensions
The Void Awaits, An Empty Nothingness, Prison For Prometheus.
Bear Humankind With a Soul
A External Spirit-form
Bear Humankind With a Soul
A External Spirit-form
The Creator Of Life, Shall Reform
Imprisoned For Eternity, Doomed
The Spectral Souls Of Mankind, Condemned to the Void.
Re-Manifesting a Sacrificial Being, To be Prison Born.
The Souls Of Impurity, Reconnection To Re-Create
God's First Creation, Shall Re-Manifest Into Physical Form.
Betrayed, Bitter Lays The God Of Existence.
Treacherous Lays His Son Of Creation
Lays The Son Of Creation
Lays The Son Of Creation
The Void, The Cage, The Prison, Where Thy Shall Recreate
The Void, The Cage, The Prison, Where Thy Shall Incinerate
The Void, The Cage, The Prison, Where Thy Shall Be Enchained
"Vengeance, Upon My Creation"
"Vengeance, Upon My Creation"
Prometheus Shall Be One
Track Name: Evolutionist
Track Name: Prometheus
Rebirth, Born absent creation.
Re-manifest to Descended Existence, Where light shall not seep.
A Imperfection of Evolution Expires, A Treacherous God Has Awoken,
Manifested from Ascended Life.
Revocation, Of Mankind, Prometheus, Shall Arise.
Deformed of Formless Presence, Formed of a Physical Body.
Bearing an Eternity of Entombment, Suffering and Purgatory; Exhumed from Contortionism
Bearing a Void Of Creation, Bearing a Void Of Punishment
Bearing a Void Of Creation, Bearing a Void Of Punishment
"The Collective Souls of Life I Sacrificed Myself To Create"
"Used to Rebirth me, A existence of torturous embrace"
Exiled to the Abyss.
Destroyed, Reformed A Repeating Cycle of my Existence.
Of, Life, Of, Death
A Gift A Curse, Immortality, Aeons of Repeating Death, Death
Deformed And Destroyed.