The Black Sun

by I, Valiance

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Δn ω bi$ Attention to detail is key, these fuckers see right through me.

8.1 out of 10
Tannin Kline
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Tannin Kline I love every piece of music that I, Valiance has put out to date, but there is something about this track that keeps bringing me back. Very original style.
Sean Sandoval
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Sean Sandoval Listening to this song is like drinking a huge glass of sweat from satan's ass crack and then being repeatedly punched in the stomach until you regurgitate the brutally disgusting fluids all over the place
Phil Jeffrey
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Phil Jeffrey This is the strangest style of death metal I've ever heard, and I love it.
lachlan titmuss
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lachlan titmuss i love this track because of how beautifully cataclysmic it is. i own your rejection of humanity album and it killed it. iv never found a band so experimental and destructive with sound, keep on killin it


"The Black Sun" - I, Valiance
2013 Single


"Welcome to oblivion

The darkest night is all we ever see
Pollution falls from the blackened sky consistently.
Staining the earth with desecrated ground
Deforestation set place.

Here we stand before the night

Our eyes gaze the sky at the sight of infernal suns
Smothering life, Culling our existence with a weaponized plague.

As the sun pollutes the sea

Eruption, Their filth contaminates
Murdering all life.

The scorned beast awakes from his throne
To relocate within the human race
determining our fates.

Covered in the filth that was spit out from the universe to give birth to darkness;
Aeons and aeons of soaking in hate
Mother of whores, Spread your legs and feed the earth
Aeons and Aeons of suffering, Feeding off energies, Ingesting innocence of the weak.
As the light of worlds fade the beast emancipates.

Spitting death over clouds
Smiting the populace with vengeance

The scarlet vessel of the void

The product of oblivion
The relic of the end
Leaks to earth from obsidian
The atmosphere is now dead

The air we breathe will corrupt, our bodies will reconstruct
Humanity fades from history

The black clouds lock us in, We live secluded forevermore
Yet our efforts divide our sentence, Who are we to make a difference?

When the sanity of my mind fades...
Here on the darkest of days, Few do stand against the tyrants few survived, Few Survived"


released July 1, 2013
Mixed and Mastered by Brian Hood at 456 Recordings, Nashville TN USA.



all rights reserved


I, Valiance Melbourne, Australia

We aren't going to give you some bullshit biography stating what we do and how good we are at it, we let our art speak for itself.
We are I, Valiance. We express ourselves freely and without boundaries. So in simpler terms, we like to keep things real.
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