by I, Valiance



"Ethereal" - I, Valiance
2012 Single


I, The Human Amidst This Earth
Gazing at the stars, Depicting Infection

This is Hell; An empty shell where the Righteous Fell, What have we done

I, Deceiver

This mask conceals, So i may see the end
For Deaths Presence Constantly Lingers

I am in doubt, That i can live through this
Burden burning me at the core of my soul
These are my cries for help, Left unanswered
So leave me be as i fade away

From reality I step in the void
Leave behind All that i know
Left Alone, Abstract concepts pierce my mind
For i no longer want to be alive.

Only in time

Will we figure out, Death consumes us all
We are an embodiment of disease
I can't help but wonder where we go from here
So i hold my breath and watch the shadows distort

Revealed in time, Life slowly dies

Unto the Earth
My Life Remains
Burn The Earth, Burn The Earth

I Consume my last breath

Before i release to rejoin this world
I yell these last words to whom is alpha
"Please, I pray upon you leave us be"
For we were built this way

I felt reality, Lose it's grasp.


released October 22, 2012



all rights reserved


I, Valiance Melbourne, Australia

We aren't going to give you some bullshit biography stating what we do and how good we are at it, we let our art speak for itself.
We are I, Valiance. We express ourselves freely and without boundaries. So in simpler terms, we like to keep things real.
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